Experienced DUI and OWI Defense

Let Andrew Walter of Walter Law Offices LLC handle your case. With his knowledge about Wisconsin's DUI and OWI laws, you can rest assured of getting the defense you need.

Why Choose Him?

In addition to defending clients in Walworth County Circuit Court and local municipal courts, he has argued and won several appeals in DUI and OWI cases. These involved scenarios, such as when the police:

  • Can Stop or Arrest a Client
  • Can Conduct DUI Blood Draws
  • Investigates the Number of Prior OWI Offenses

Using His Knowledge of Wisconsin’s OWI Law

Andrew is proud that many local attorneys rely on him for their client’s DUI and OWI appeals, which involve intensive research into Wisconsin DUI law. He applies this knowledge to every local drunk driving case that he handles.

What To Expect

If Andrew is your lawyer, he will walk you through Wisconsin’s DUI and OWI laws. He will explain any drunk driving defenses that he can use in your case.

Andrew will also elaborate on the Walworth County DUI procedures and diversion programs, such as Walworth County OWI Court. He will walk you through the ways how you can keep your license and ability to drive to work.

If you refused a blood test, Andrew will explain how we can avoid the harsh penalties associated with a refusal.

Contact Attorney Andrew Walter Today

If you are looking for a law firm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin that offers reliable legal services, turn to Walter Law Offices LLC. Feel free to reach out to Attorney. Andrew’s team to learn more about the services he offers.