Defense Against Drug Charges

If you are charged with any Wisconsin drug offense, count on Walter Law Offices LLC to provide the defense that will protect you from a harsh jail sentence.

We will also counsel you on how to have a record that prevents or limits damage to your future employment prospects.

Drug Defense Lawyer You Can Trust

Andrew Walter is an experienced Walworth County lawyer who can protect your rights and records. He has defended people against various charges, such as possession and delivery of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs.

Why Hire Andrew for Your Case?

Drug cases require a lawyer with local experience who knows the prosecutors and judges who will handle your case. Attorney. Andrew has handled hundreds of Walworth County criminal cases and knows the prosecutors, judges, and police.


Andrew’s Legal Consultation Process

When you call for a free consultation, he will explain the kinds of plea agreements available in Walworth County’s drug cases. He will share with you the various settlements he has made with Walworth County prosecutors in similar cases.

These agreements often involve reducing felony delivery to misdemeanor possession charges. Attorney. Andrew has also negotiated various settlements to reduce possession cases to noncriminal charges.

Contact Us For Free Consultation

Do you have any questions about the services that Andrew offers? Perhaps you want to discuss your case with his legal team. Reach out to his firm today to get started.