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Speeding, Traffic, and Other Tickets


If you have received a ticket or citation for violating Wisconsin traffic laws, there is more to your case than just the fine. By hiring an experienced Wisconsin traffic lawyer, you may be able to negotiate a settlement that will prevent or minimize insurance increases and protect your driving privilege. Elkhorn Attorney Andrew Walter has negotiated or won dismissals, reduced charges, or amended charges in over 90% of his traffic cases in the past 5 years. Andrew’s Walworth County traffic law practice includes drunk driving, driving with a prohibited alcohol concentration, speeding, illegal lane deviations, failure to stop at a sign or signal, and all other traffic violations in and around Walworth County. Call or contact Andrew today for a free consultation about your traffic ticket. 

Local Traffic Law Experience

Because speeding tickets and other traffic cases are typically resolved through negotiation, it is preferable to hire a traffic lawyer that knows the local prosecuting attorneys and municipal judges. Walworth County has a small legal community, so Andrew knows every prosecutor for every municipality in the area, and almost all of the municipal judges. Andrew has settled many speeding, DUI, and other traffic tickets in Walworth County Circuit Court and every other municipal court in Walworth County.

Because of this local experience, Andrew knows what settlements or reduced traffic charges each of the local traffic prosecutors are likely to accept. Because of the trust he has built up with local prosecutors, most speeding and traffic cases settle with just a phone call between Andrew and the local traffic prosecutor.  

Frequently Asked Traffic Law Questions 

Will hiring an attorney to handle my ticket save me money? 

It depends on the circumstances of your case, your prior record, and your insurance. We often save our traffic and speeding clients substantial amounts by negotiating dismissals. Obviously you will not have to pay a fine for a dismissed ticket. A traffic lawyer must also consider the impact on your insurance rates. Certain speeding and traffic offenses may cause your rates to increase for several years. An experienced traffic attorney can advise you on how to prevent or minimize insurance increases. Call or contact Attorney Andrew Walter for a free consultation to discuss your case. 

How does the Wisconsin driver license points system operate? 

Most Wisconsin traffic tickets come with a number of demerit points. If convicted of the speeding or traffic offense, the DMV will add those points to your driving record. The DMV will suspend the license of any driver who accumulates 12 or more points in a 1-year period. Point values are also considered by some insurance companies when determining your rates. Obviously, it is important to minimize the points assigned to your speeding or traffic violation. A good speeding and traffic lawyer can usually negotiate a settlement that reduces the point penalty.  

Can the court or DMV suspend or revoke my license for a speeding or traffic ticket? 

There are several non-criminal offenses, including first offense DUI, which result in a mandatory suspension or revocation of your Wisconsin driver's license. Depending on the charges and your record, a good Walworth County traffic lawyer can usually negotiate a reduced or amended charge to protect your license. If not, we can immediately assist you in applying for an occupational license.  

Where are speeding and traffic cases handled, in the circuit court or in municipal courts? 

A traffic case can be assigned to either a municipal court or circuit court, depending on the agency that issued the citation and the location. We represent speeding and traffic law clients in the following courts: 

Walworth County Circuit Court, Delavan Municipal Court, Elkhorn Municipal Court, Lake Geneva Municipal Court, Whitewater Municipal Court, Burlington Municipal Court, East Troy Municipal Court, Mukwonago Municipal Court, Lake Country Municipal Court, Bloomfield Municipal Court, Waterford Municipal Court, Fontana Municipal Court and every other municipal traffic court in and around Walworth County.

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